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Rain & shine.

New Zealand has a mild, oceanic climate. Daytime temperatures in spring and autumn range from approximately 55-70 degrees Fahrenheit (13-21 degrees Celcius), with cool temperatures in the mountains and warm weather on the coasts. In spring and autumn, it rains approximately 10 days out of the month, covering New Zealand in lush green countryside and wildflowers.

Temperatures in summer range from approximately 70-85 degrees F (21-29 degrees C) in both the north and the south with rain averaging 7 days per month. Year-round, the weather has a prevailing westerly pattern, creating good surf beaches, rainforests, and wetlands on the west coast and leaving the more protected and arid east coast ideal for swimming, boating, and sea fishing.

New Zealand is a land of microclimates. Lush rainforests reside remarkably near the arid terrain of high country sheep stations. Our escorted tours cover a broad range of regions and microclimates, and have been designed to take advantage of these climatic differences as much as possible. Regardless of the season, however, weather is often unpredictable and visitors should come prepared for periods of both hot sun and cool rain. A recommended operator packing list is provided as part of your confirmation package.