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Green is the new black.

At Black Sheep, we are passionate about the environment. We encourage you to download our full environmental policy here ( Environmental Policy 2016), but in brief:

Q.    What are the advantages of Small-group Travel?

A.    It is the perfect blend of flexibility, personalized service and
minimized environmental impact. See the graph in our environmental
policy to see how our tours compare to other modes of travel in
regard to impact.

Q.    How do we minimize our contribution to global warming?

A.    We minimize our production of greenhouse gases in the following ways:

• The green house gas (GHG) emitted due to air miles emitted during our tours are offset by purchasing carbon credits from Air New Zealand, our air travel provider
• The GHG emitted due to land travel on our guided tours is offset by purchasing trees from the Trees for Travellers programme operated in Kaikoura
• We utilize the latest in fuel-efficient vehicles.
•  Our offices incorporate energy-efficient technologies and practices.

The cost of the carbon credits we purchase are already incorporated
into the cost of your tour.

Q.    How do we manage our social and cultural impacts?

A.    Tourism walks the tightrope between exploring and exploiting local
conservation estate and culture. We cherish the splendid isolation and
serenity New Zealand offers and yet diminish it each time we visit. 
Careful stewardship of our conservation land estate is critical for its

In New Zealand, the Department of Conservation (www.doc.govt.nz)
oversees this process through their Concessionaire programme. This
programme controls the use of the conservation estate and ensures
that impacts from the use of the land are minimized and kept within
reasonable levels.

Black Sheep is proud to hold a Department of Conservation
Concession (PAC 10-06-229).