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In good company.


Black Sheep specializes in small-group, small-impact travel. By limiting our groups to  eight guests, we ensure flexibility, personalized service, and a fun, intimate atmosphere while preserving and sharing with you the real New Zealand.

Our small-group tours attract people of diverse backgrounds and ages who have a common interest in a physically, culturally, ecologically, and socially stimulating vacation.

Typically, they are people who like the freedom of traveling independently and the discretion that allows, but who wish to avoid the stress of organizing a trip on their own.

With a maximum tour size of up to only eight guests, we can maintain intimacy with our environment, yet allow you to relax and develop lasting friendships with other interesting, thoughtful people.

In addition, small-group travel is better for the environment. To learn more about this benefit, read our environmental policy.

Of course, on a Private Tour, you choose your own travel companions, be they friends, family, work colleagues, fellow club members or someone special—even if that someone special is just you.