Eeny, meeny, miny, marvellous.

Black Sheep offers you a variety of guided and self-drive tours to accommodate your interests, timeframe and budget.  View your choice of guided options below, either experience tours or your very own private tour, or check out our self-drive tours, designed for those keen to take the wheel themselves. Click on our Overview Page links below for further information and pricing.



Great activities, great locations, great food, great wine, great company, and great service are the hallmarks of these small-group, luxury tours. Our experience tours are for those wanting a blend of adventure, culture, camaraderie and comfort. Whether you’re paddling in a remote national park, sipping wine at an award-winning vineyard, or swapping yarns with the locals, you’re assured of an active, authentic travel experience like none other.

See our Experience Tours Overview Page for a listing of these tours.


    Be it an adventure holiday with the kids or a luxury getaway, our private tours are crafted just for you. Featuring your passions and our planning, these tours are the ultimate bespoke New Zealand experience. This is where you can indulge your Black Sheep tendencies and is an area in which we excel.

    tour suggestions

    • an unforgettable family adventure catering for all ages
    • a luxury golfing tour around some of the world's most scenic fairways
    • a special reunion trip with friends
    • a birding tour to round out your life list
    • a photographic trip to capture nature's spontaneous wonders
    • a walking/hiking tour to take in your dream tracks
    • a fishing holiday to try your luck in New Zealand's great rivers
    • a wine tour to savor New Zealand's acclaimed vineyards
    Contact us with your interests and requirements and we will help you design your unique New Zealand experience.


    Eager to drive yourself around New Zealand, but don't have time to plan? We do!  Our Self-drive Tour Overview page lists a variety of trips covering the North Island, the South Island, and New Zealand-wide. A Self-drive packet includes accommodation and rental car, a comprehensive packet of personalized trip notes, airport greeting and orientation, and much more. From NZ$2,410Read on for details.