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activities, great locations, great food, great wine, great company, and great service are the hallmarks of these tours. Our guided Small Group, Experience Tours are for those wanting a blend of adventure, culture, camaraderie and comfort. Whether you’re paddling in a remote national park, sipping wine at an award-winning vineyard, or swapping yarns with the locals, you’re assured of an active, authentic travel experience like none other.

We have six exciting experience tours to choose from, varying in length and region. Select the one that best suits your schedule and interests. All feature premiere activities, wildlife encounters, authentic cultural experiences, sublime scenery, accommodation in unsurpassed settings, delicious dining and New Zealand wine, impeccable service and a host of welcomed surprises. Note all pricing is in New Zealand dollars and may be significantly less in your own currency. Click on pricing below to convert our New Zealand pricing into the currency of your choice.


The new zealand experience is one of the few New Zealand tours available that covers both the North and South islands. For those wanting to maximise their New Zealand experience, this three-week tour is a wonderful showcase of the country's diverse culture and landscape. From NZ$18,150


The new zealand sampler is a shorter version of the new zealand experience tour. It still covers prime locations and activities on both the North and South islands, but fits into a two-week vacation period. From NZ$13,370. Learn more.


The north island experience offers the best of the North Island, including the rich cultural experiences unique to New Zealand. It also features activities that explore the North Island's intriguing geothermal and volcanic origins. From NZ$8,090.                             


The south island experience features some of the best of the South Island, including journeys into six of some of the most pristine national parks in the world. This tour takes you from the mountains to the sea and back again in a two week South Island spectacular. From NZ$11,890  


The south island sampler tour is a shorter version of our south island experience tour. Designed to fit into a one-week vacation, this trip is perfect for those planning a New Zealand stopover as part of a larger travel itinerary, or for those otherwise looking for a compact, full-featured South Island experience. From NZ$8,140   


The wild south experience tour is like none other. A South Island wildlife and wilderness feast, this trip is one of our favourites. Taking you well and truly off the beaten track, this tour will show you a South Island few visitors have the privilege of seeing. From NZ$19,060

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