Pick your passion

All our tours immerse you in New Zealand’s spectacular scenery, but we’ve grouped our trips into common themes to help you select one that fits you best based on your preferred focus. Select a theme below and see where it takes you.

Craft Spirits

You appreciate the artistry of a fine drop mixed with the tonic of nature, garnished with good company.

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You look forward to unplugging and reconnecting (and hearing the words Best. Vacation. Ever.).

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Soft Adventure

You’re an active traveller who wants to sail, paddle, fly & float your way around New Zealand.

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Walking + Hiking

You find walking in nature even better than a coffee hit (though they needn’t be mutually exclusive).

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You’ve got one shot at this New Zealand thing and you are going to go for it.

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You want to kick off your great adventure together with a great adventure together.

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Not sure what you’re looking for? Visit our Trip Finder and apply your own filters to help find the right tour. Alternatively, talk to one of our Travel Shepherds for guidance