Unplug and reconnect

When we reminisce with our families around the dining table, favourite memories inevitably include family vacations. They allow us to set aside our daily responsibilities (and our devices) and reconnect; for us to revel in the beautiful people our children are and are becoming, and for them to see the fun, playful us that got lost somewhere between the office and the washing machine. Our Family trips encourage play for everyone, with shared adventures that foster laughter and connection. Dare to come where the Wifi is weak. You will thank yourself (and so will they).

Family Collection

North & South Island
Self Drive | Self Guided
11 days | 10 nights
FamilySoft Adventure
From $4,100 NZD
South Island
Private | Guided
10 days | 9 nights
FamilySoft Adventure
From $10,245 NZD

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