Now is the time

Let’s face it, New Zealand is pretty far from just about anywhere. Perhaps that’s what has kept it un-ticked on your bucket list. Or perhaps it’s just that you’ve been waiting until you could do it well and do it right. Our Indulgence trips are your chance: meaningful experiences with our culture, enriching encounters with our wilderness, luxury stays with the chance to rejuvenate and celebrate the fact you’ve made it. Yes, New Zealand is a long way from anywhere, but it’s what has kept us wild, welcoming and completely worth it.

Indulgence Collection

North & South Island
Private | Guided
21 days | 20 nights
IndulgenceWalking & Hiking
From $46,530 NZD
South Island
Private | Guided
12 days | 11 nights
IndulgenceWalking & Hiking
From $24,750 NZD

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